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Since 1993, ACD Distribution has been a leading distributor in the toy and hobby gaming industries, serving both national and international customers. We work with over 350 publishers to offer a wide array of items from the classics through the hottest new releases. Our tremendous growth over the years is a result of a passion for our products and a commitment to build effective partnerships with retailers and publishers. Our staff continually strives to provide the top customer service in the industry. That's why we are "Simply the Best".
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ACD Games Day

Middleton, WI – (May 26, 2014) – ACD Distribution's annual event, ACD Games Day, was a record size this year, with over 600 people in attendance at the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI. One of the largest jumps in attendance came from retail stores, which increased to 12% to 450 people representing 247 organizations.

ACD Games Day has been called 'the best trade show in the industry' by numerous gaming professionals. As in previous years, ACD Games Day offered several seminar tracks, an exhibit hall full of game publishers, a demo night, and more, as well as providing meals to the busy attendees.

This year, Jeffrey Neil Bellinger, creator of Killer Bunnies, was a guest of honor, signing copies of games for fans. In addition, hundreds of players had the opportunity to get a preview of the prototype of Escape Zombie City from Queen Games, with one participant from each table winning a prototype copy. Finally, attendees were able to visit ACD Distribution's brand new headquarters and warehouse in Middleton.

"Each year, we always do our best to make sure each event was better than the last," said ACD President Bob Maher. "As we keep growing, this gets to be a bigger challenge, but the reaction from everyone attending has been great. I'm incredibly proud of our event, and we're already planning for 2015."

ACD Games Day 2015 is on May 6th-8th, 2015. To see pictures from ACD Games Day 2014, visit ACD's Facebook page.

Rather Dashing

Richmond, KY – (May 20, 2014) – Rather Dashing Games has announced that they have entered into an exclusive distribution arrangement with ACD Distribution. As of now, ACD Distribution will become the sole distributor of Rather Dashing Games in the United States.

"Rather Dashing Games sought exclusivity with ACD due to the continuous stream of praise companies and retailers had for them," said Rather Dashing Games Vice President Grant Wilson. "That, coupled with ACD's sincere staff of people who are actually gamers, made this a sure win. Rather Dashing Games is proud to be exclusive with the fine folks at ACD Distribution."

ACD Distribution General Manager Danny Procell agreed that this was a winning combination, saying, "Making ourselves a partner to the companies we work with is a part of what has made both ACD and those companies successful. I’m glad that Rather Dashing Games reached out so we could begin this relationship." Retailers are encouraged to contact their representative at ACD Distribution regarding orders for those games published by Rather Dashing Games.

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