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Essen 2014
ACD Returns from Essen
The World's Largest Hobby Gaming Convention

Essen, Germany – (October 28, 2014) – Recently, ACD Distribution returned from Essen SPIEL, the world's largest hobby gaming convention. President Bob Maher and General Manager Danny Procell regularly attend the annual trade show, which boasts around 150,000 attendees.

"We view this as an opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of the industry," said Maher. "This is a highly regarded event in Europe and for many publishers this is the first time the public sees their new games."

"We make a big point of playing as many games as we can," said Procell. "Some of the games that really made a big impression for me this year were ZhanGuo from What's Your Game, Alchemists from CGE, and Orléans from DLP. In addition, it seemed like there were a lot of game publishers with interesting microgames, so we'll have to see what that means for the industry going forward."

Zhanguo, Alchemists, and Orléans all spent some time at the top of the review lists from the weekend. Alchemists finished as the top game of Essen SPIEL according to BGG Buzz, and both Orléans and ZhanGuo finished in the top three games of Essen SPIEL according to German magazine Fairplay, just ahead of Alchemists.

For more information on Essen SPIEL, visit

Ice Bucket Challenge
ACD On Ice
Accepts Wizards CEO Challenge

Middleton, WI – (September, 3 2014) – In response to a challenge issued by Greg Leeds, CEO of Wizards of the Coast, ACD Distribution President Bob Maher led staff in accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Maher, some senior members of management, and the entire ACD Distribution Sales staff took part in the effort, dousing each other in ice water. In addition, ACD Distribution made a donation to The ALS Association.

The popular fundraiser by The ALS Association is designed to raise awareness of Lou Gehrig's Disease, as well as fund the association’s work in research, education, and services. The association has already received over $100 million in donations through the Ice Bucket Challenge. In a typical year, the annual budget of The ALS Association is about $25 million.

In a video posted online, Maher addressed the challenge from Greg Leeds and invited others to join the cause.

"We're here today," Maher said, "because we've been issued a challenge by Greg Leeds of Wizards of the Coast, and we're not one to refuse a challenge. We'll go ahead and extend this challenge to any of our retailers who are so inclined. I know many of you have already done it at this point, but if you haven't, now is your opportunity."

If you’d like to learn more about The ALS Association, or donate, please visit

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