7th Sea Khitai Core Rulebook

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Across the world of Terra, far from the familiar kingdoms of Théah, lies the East. The lands of Khitai fill nearly half the world’s map, a rich tapestry of kingdoms connected by adventure, intrigue, trade and exploration. It is an intricate world of contemplative warriors, samurai, and animistic mystics, all heeding a call to adventure resonating out across the world.

Khitai is the name for the area spanning the eastern lands of the 7th Sea world known as Ifri, Ussura, and the Crescent Empire. The region encompasses many nations, each bearing a resemblance to regions in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific during the 17th century. But while the area might resemble familiar countries, Khitai is a region full of monster-filled mountains and seas, where gods walk the earth and spirits communicate with healers and mystics through ancient relics and visions.

Everywhere, the Song of the World calls the people of the East to answer the Call to Adventure, felt down deep in the bones, which is impossible to ignore.