ASoIaF: Greyjoy Starter Set

Release Date 5/14/2021
Retail Price $99.99
Manufacturer CMON
Category Miniatures and Miniature Games
UPC 889696010964
Weight (lb) 4.18

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A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game brings the epic battles, political intrigue, and iconic characters of George R.R. Martin’s critically-acclaimed novels to the tabletop. Utilizing beautiful, pre-assembled models and unit trays, command the armies and heroes of Westeros’ great Houses as they fight for the Iron Throne over multiple, unique game modes.

55 Miniatures
7 Tarot Cards
66 Poker Cards
10 Mini Cards
3 Punchboards
1 Tactics board
1 Rulebook
11 Dice
4 Movement Trays