Blade of a Sword: Ernst & Fusilier 14–18

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This is the enthralling story of the experiences of the German 73rd Fusilier Regiment, the regiment of Ernst Jünger, author of the renowned Storm of Steel, as it fought through the major campaigns of World War I's Western Front.

Combining traditional military history with a trench-level soldier's view of the Great War, this book tracks the experiences of an elite German regiment throughout the conflict, following the men who fought and died in the service of what would ultimately prove to be a futile cause.

The German 73rd Fusilier Regiment spent the whole of World War I on the Western Front, and was one of the Imperial German Army's most elite units. Starting with the occupation of Liège, it took part in nearly every major campaign in the West, including the Champagne offensives, the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, and the Operation Michael offensives. Using the personal accounts of the soldiers themselves, including Ernst Jünger, author of Storm of Steel, this engrossing story of a regiment at war presents the horror of trench warfare on a human scale, through the eyes of ordinary men-at-arms, as they fought for honor and survival in military history's most brutal theater of combat.

Author: Matthias Strohn
240 page hardcover