3 Seeds: Reap Where You Sow

Release Date 12/6/2016
Retail Price $19.00
Manufacturer Chara Games, LLC
Category Board Games, Non Collectible Card Games
UPC 9780997768831
Weight (lb) 0.56

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A Deceptively Simple, Highly Approachable, Light Strategy Card Came

Looking for a game your friends and family can learn in 3 minutes but that creates rewarding decisions for players of all skill levels? 3 Seeds is what you have been looking for! Will you play your money, time, and labor seeds on crops to reap short term harvests bonuses, use your special event cards to collect long term crop set bonuses, or manipulate the secret harvest bonuses to do a little or both? Remember, its not just what you sow, but where you sow that matters!