Gruel Truck

SKU MFS88100
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Manufacturer Monkeyfun Studios
Category Role Playing Games
UPC 9780999595039
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The Zany Adventure Game of Food Trucks in the Fantasy Age! It is the dawning of the Third Age ~ an age of great heroes. A time when adventurers from distant lands came together seeking amazing quests for fame, fortune, and glory. And those guys die…Most of them anyway. Only the survivors make it into the annals of legend for their magnificent deeds. The dead remains of those who failed are swept into a sack and left on the side of the trail, after everyone has gone through their pockets. And they die pretty nasty deaths, come to think of it, sliced into bite-sized chunks from death traps, buried alive in catacombs until running out of air, and eaten by wild animals that go for the squishy parts of the anatomy first. All for the hope of getting a few gold pieces to squander at the local tavern, hard earned, quickly lost and a heck of a lot of scarring. But for some, there is now a better way. Well, a safer way. Okay, a different way. The world of food trucks ~ here in the Fantasy Age. Gruel Truck!