SKU TAC52658
Release Date 2/12/2018
Retail Price $29.99
Manufacturer Tactic USA
Category Board Games
UPC 6416739526584
Weight (lb) 2.06

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Tactic is pleased to present a brand new trivia game innovation – iKNOW!

We created iKNOW to introduce a new type of trivia game to the market. A game that is never dominated by one know-it-all, but where every player is involved every turn, and everyone has a chance to win, regardless of how much they know.

iKNOW offers players a unique game experience. The clues lead the players step by step to the right answer. Our unique betting element, based on who answers questions correctly, makes it possible for everyone to win the game without a lot of trivia knowledge. Just make the right guess about how the other players will do, and you’re on your way!

2-6 players
Ages 15+
45+ minute play time