Release Date 4/24/2018
Retail Price $21.00
Manufacturer The Haywire Group
Category Board Games
UPC 689623002709
Weight (lb) 1.42

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From kids to grandparents and everyone in-between, SHABOOM! brings the whole family together for an exciting night of gaming. Use the colorful components in your tray to stack, roll, bounce and spell your way to victory. All you have to do is be the first to complete 10 tasks to win the game. SHABOOM! is a box full of excitement that has everyone calling for “ONE MORE GAME!” Stack it, roll it, toss it, SHABOOM!

2-4 players
Ages 8+

100 Event Cards
4 player trays
Game Bowl
4 red six sided die
4 blue six sided die
4 yellow six sided die
4 green six sided die
4 blue eight sided die
8 dominoes
16 small white cubes
4 white checkers
4 black checkers
4 red pawns
4 green pawns
4 blue pawns
20 colored letter tiddlywinks