Honour: The Awakening

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In a dark, dirty alley, a kid, a girl with a dirty face and greasy hair, maybe twelve years old, hands a package over to a young man. Dressed in jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt, his Triad gang tattoos clear for all to see. The girl holds her hand out waiting for payment, but the man just swears in Cantonese at her. Patiently the girl waits, hand still stretched out towards the gangster. The man shouts at the girl; he gesticulates then walks away, examining the small parcel. Silently, the girl follows, catching up with the man just feet from the alley entrance, yards from the bustling, noisy street market outside the alley. She reaches out and taps the man on his back. The man spins, angrily, his face twisted with rage. He's already letting pulling his knife from his pocket; he's going teach this little punk a lesson. But his face changes from anger to shock, then terror, then it explodes.

Nine Dragons RPG Ltd is proud to welcome to the world of Honour: The Awakening, where things are not always what they seem. Honour: The Awakening, is a modern, urban-fantasy RPG set in an alternate reality, a world very much like ours, but with some significant, and let’s be honest, very cool differences. Honour happens in a world dominated by Asian economies and Asian culture. It is 2036 and kids in New York listen to K-pop, kids in Nairobi speak fluent Putonghua, and kids in India all know that the latest games out of Indonesia are the ones you must be playing. But it is not just cultural differences that separate our reality from that of Honour. There are the Inhuman, the Demons and the Charmed Ones. There are the Between Spaces, non-places that exist between realities. There is Sorcery, ancient and powerful and available to those who can tune into the Yin & Yang that together form Qi, the energy of everything, everywhere and every time. And then there is The Awakening, the process by which regular folk like you become aware of all these things and allows the player characters to take up their destiny, fighting not against evil or on the side of good, but to keep a balance between Yin & Yang. Honour: The Awakening allows a Gamemaster to take players into a world of Asian myth and legend, of gun-fu and martial arts and a world of Yin & Yang; where the fate of the world may very well depend upon how those players guide their characters as they strive to keep reality balanced. Using a unique system under-pinned by the Chinese Zodiac, the philosophy of Yin & Yang and offering a genuine, sandbox Sorcery system, Honour: The Awakening is a genuine one of a kind game in a one of a kind setting.