Tanto Cuore: Oktoberfest

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Manufacturer Japanime Games
Category Non Collectible Card Games
UPC 0703558837653
Weight (lb) 1.687

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Tanto Cuore is a deck building card game for 2-4 players. The players take the roles of "master of the house," employ a lot of cute maids, and are served by them while slowly filling out their house (card deck) but take care! The maids can become sick or get bad habits. When the game ends, the player who has the most victory point-gaining maids in his staff (all his cards) is the "perfect master" and the winner of the game.

In this Oktoberfest twist, you're going to Germany to employ Bar Maids, start a Beer Stand and collect Beer cards for extra victory points!

2-4 players
Ages 12+
30-60 minute play time

188 Maid cards
24 Event cards
8 Building cards
25 Beer cards
56 Love cards
1 Rules