Kobold: Guide to RPG Game Design

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Got Questions About RPG Design?

Wolfgang Baur, Monte Cook, Ed Greenwood, Mike Stackpole, and other industry veterans have the answers you asked for...and the advice you need!

Want to create great new adventures, monsters and magic for your RPG campaign? Maybe even design your own game?

The Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design offers 240 pages of in-depth essays on what makes RPGs tick. Get time-tested advice from the top designers in the industry. This compilation includes all three volumes of our Kobold Guide to Game Design series-now with all-new material by Wolfgang Baur, Mike Stackpole and others!

From core rules and magic systems to fantasy adventures, monster design, playtesting, and much more, these 40 essays cover every aspect of RPG design in clear, accessible language, to show you what it takes.

Pick up the Complete KOBOLD Guide to Game Design today, and starting designing your RPG tonight!