Smarty Party

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Manufacturer R&R Games
Category Board Games
UPC 631080039552
Weight (lb) 2.1

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So, think you know it all, you're a real smartypants, eh? Then prove it... play Smarty Party- the game that keeps everybody guessing! Name a popular TV series of the 70s... name a handyman's tool... name a stinky cheese... each category has several correct answers... can you name them all?Each round, one player selects a random category card. The other players try to come up with all the answers on the card. If your answer is wrong, you have to take a penalty, but if you're correct... YOU GET TO WEAR THE SMARTYPANTS!!! WOOHOO!It's all about coming in last. The last player gets the Pants... the last player still wearing the Pants gets the bonus points and... last place WINS!