C&C: Tomb of Doom

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Manufacturer Troll Lord Games
Category Role Playing Games
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From acclaimed Game Designer and Storyteller James M. Ward comes another hard hitting, fast paced race against death! Tome of Doom is a dungeon built on the classic model of kill or be killed.

You have come to the tomb of Tluanehc Evets. You will not be allowed to steal from me. What is in this tomb was earned by me. I fought dragons and demons and won. I defeated evil wizards and ancient clerics of the vilest sort and took their spoils as my own. Now you come and think to take what is mine. As you take my magical devices, my gems and jewelry, and my coins, the magic of my final resting place will fight to keep what I earned. Know my curse as you open these doors and walk down my corridors". Let the plundering begin!

Made in the USA.