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Jerusalem, 34 AD. The followers of Jesus Christ are known as "the Way." Both Roman and Jewish authorities are alarmed at the incredible growth of this sect of Judaism. Hoping to cut off the snake's head, they begin to persecute the church. Apostles are priority targets, but even regular member of "the Way" find it difficult to avoid imprisonment. Stephen's death proves to be a turning point. A respected deacon, he is stoned to death for his belief in Jesus. This event ignites a firestorm of persecution. You are the Apostles. Pray, share and use your growing faith to guide the church on your mission to spread the good news. You have been commissioned.

Commissioned is a 2-6 player cooperative-style board game with a simple deck-building mechanism that plays in 1 hour. Players are the early Christian Apostles and must work together to mature their faith decks, grow the church, collect the books of the New Testament, and overcome persecution. You do not need to know anything about Christianity to play. The game includes five scenarios that cover the first 150 years of church history, two difficulty levels, and an one-vs-all variation.

2-6 players
Ages 13+
60 minute play time