Seasons: Enchanted Kingdom

Release Date 5/9/2022
Retail Price $28.99
Category Board Games
UPC 3558380018384
Weight (lb) 0.841

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Enchanted Kingdom - the first expansion pack for Seasons - features 40 new Power cards compatible with the 100 cards from the base game, 10 Enchantment cards to make every game an even more unique experience, and 12 Special Ability tokens that add a personal touch to your sorcerer.
Note: This is not a standalone game. You must have the Seasons base game in order to play this expansion.

40 Power cards; 10 Enchantment cards; 12 Special Ability tokens; 16 Energy tokens; 2 "Raven" tokens 1 "First Player" token; 2 "Bespelled Grimoire" energy reserve expansions for individual game boards; 7 "Decreased energy reserve" tokens.