Tesla vs Edison: Power Up! Exp

Release Date 1/13/2017
Retail Price $19.99
Manufacturer Artana Games
Category Board Games
UPC 700118802779
Weight (lb) 1.471

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Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up! expands the world of our smash-hit game Tesla vs. Edison! This first expansion is loaded with upgrades that amplify the epic War of Currents to new levels:

Build a Headquarters. Each inventor can develop their own custom Lab, Works, Office, and Studio which offer special abilities and bonus points.

Experience Historical Events. 21 different cards bring to life the history of the War of Currents with thrilling opportunities and devastating calamities that make each turn unique.

AIs for Solo or Group Play. Custom AI decks, each with TWO difficulty settings - an Ada Lovelace side and a Charles Babbage side - are included for all six Inventors in the expansion. Play solitaire against 1-5 AIs or add AIs for additional challenge in 2+ player games.

Welcome a 6th Inventor, Madam C.J. Walker. Another option to choose, and enables you to play a 6-player game!
Female Luminaries. Six other brilliant and pioneering women of the time serve as Luminaries and spice things up in the War of Currents.

New propaganda cards. Six cards commemorating the U.S Presidents of the period.

Broken Token Premium Organizer. A sweet birch wood insert that you can also pledge as an add-on option to organize everything in both the base game and the expansion.

Base Game Reprint. We have entirely sold out the first print run of Tesla vs. Edison. We're offering a reprint of the base game here and we'll fulfill to our backers before anyone else when it's back in stock.

Artana added all this new content to provide deeper thematic play in Powering Up! while preserving the accessible mechanics and appealing game times of the original. Come experience the expanded world of Tesla vs. Edison!

Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up! is an expansion and requires a copy of the Tesla vs. Edison base game to play.