Faction Tokens: The Swashbucklers

Release Date 3/1/2017
Retail Price $50.00
Manufacturer Muse On, LLC
Category Miniature Accessories and Tools
UPC 00850811007305
Weight (lb) 0.341

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It's Mark 3 and Mercs are better than ever! Enjoy these full color tokens designed in the McBane vien to help you immerse yourself in the battles against the various armies of Immoren for Coin and Glory!

Token List:

Upkeeps: Admonition, Quicken, Hot-Shot, Death March, Road to War, Sure Foot, Phantasm, Storm Rager, Blur, Onslaught, Perseverance, Radiance of Morrow, Countermeasure, Fail-Safe, Fortune, Force Field, Primed, Redline, Affliction, Nonokrion Brand, Roth's Mercy, Telgesh Mark, Bullet Dodger, Fire for Effect, Snipe, Solid Ground, Strength of Granite, Death Ward, Iron Aggression, Calamity, Escort, Moving Shadows, Stonehold, Haunting Melody, Pigpen

Spells: 2 Distraction, Batten Down the Hatches, 2 Deadweight, Powder Keg, 2 Deadeye, Coup De Main, Breath Stealer, Crusader's Call, Deceleration, 2 Stranglehold, Unstoppable Force, Fire Group, 2 Mist Walker, Counterblast, Star Crossed, 2 Submerge

Abilities: 2 Blood-Quenched, 3 Battle Maneuvers, 3 Money Shot, Silencer, Cultists, Stagger, Stall, 3 Instigate, Disruptor Bolt, Blind, 2 Rust, 2 Payday, 2 Walk it Off, Mini Feat, 2 Artillerist, 2 Client, 3 Power, Stealth, Death Field, Dirge of Mists, Heroic Call, March, Swift Vengeance, 2 Weaken, 2 Shadow Fire, Tune Up, 6 Adrenal Flood, 2 Prey, Cacophony, Call of Defiance, 2 Shield Wall, Ayisla's Veil, Kiss of Lylyiss, Sigil of Power, Intrigue, Parlay, Lucky Charm, Reloader, Spyglass, Arcane Secrets, Brain Damage, Hunter's Mark, Winter Storm, Reconnaissance, Beast Lore, Applied Knowledge, Wind Barrier

Generic: 28 Focus, 2 Mini Feat, Feat