Faction Tokens: The Undead Horde

Release Date 3/1/2017
Retail Price $40.00
Manufacturer Muse On, LLC
Category Miniature Accessories and Tools
UPC 00850811007275
Weight (lb) 0.227

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New MKIII Color acrylic faction set for Cryx! Sally forth, die and Sally forth again, not only with MKIII tokens added but also the entire set has been tweaked and improved to be better for gameplay.

Token List:

Upkeeps: Calamity, Cloak of Ash, Hellwrought, Parasite, Grave Wind, Lamentation, Curse of shadows, Mirage, Occultation, Infernal Machine, Scything Touch, Malediction, Death Ward, Icy Grip, Soul Harvester, Spectral Steel, Backlash, Admonition, Black Spot, Crippling Grasp, Marked for Death, Pursuit, Escort

Spells: Mobility, 3 Ghost Walk, 3 Mortality, Shadowmancer, Hellbound, 2 Ravager, 2 Deadweight, Terminal Velocity, 3 Overrun, Dark Guidance, Deathbringers

Abilities: Spell Vortex, 2 Curse, Rush Forward, Scutter, Spotter, Death Ride, Mortal Fear, 2 Cloak of Darkness, 3 Vengeance, 2 Whipping Winds, Sigil of Power, Puppet Master, Adapt, 3 Dig In, 2 Psycho Venom, Prey

Generic: Feat, 2 Mini Feat, 13 Corpse/Soul, 25 Focus