Metro (refresh)

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Release Date 5/17/2017
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Manufacturer Queen Games
Category Board Games
UPC 4010350102411
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Paris, one hundred years ago:
The World’s Fair “1900” is in full swingthroughout the city. But, amid the revelry, strange scaffoldings are appearing and streets are being dug out to form very deep tunnels… The construction of the Paris Metro system is underway!

The new Metro includes a new design and all four expansion with additional subway car tiles, track tiles and wagon tiles.

Adding the shares from “The companies”‐ Expansion, the games raises to a whole new level with many more strategy options.

Game board
60 track tiles
61 subway car tiles
6 colored pawns
The Companies expansion:
8 additional subway car tiles
2 additional pawns
Share tableau
Middle Station expansion:
8 additional track tiles
Station Numbers expansion:
32 station tiles
Middle-station Wagon expansion
8 additional wagon tiles

2-6 players
Ages 8+
60 minute play time