GB: Kick Off! Event Launch Kit

Release Date 6/23/2017
Retail Price $30.00
Manufacturer Steamforged Games Ltd.
Category Organized Play
Weight (lb) 3.17

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"The Sovereign States Championship is the most prestigious and recognizable title throughout the Empire of the Free Cities. Win it and glory, fame, and fortune will be yours."

The Kick Off! Launch Event brings the iconic Masons vs Brewers finals match of Sovereign States Championship to life. Coaches pick a side to support and play games of Guild Ball to give their pick the upper-hand. Who will come out on top: Honour and her rock-solid Masons or Tapper and his rowdy Brewers? Be there on game day to find out!

2 double-sided posters (rolled, not folded!)
40 event cards
20 quick reference sheets
Guild Ball Demo Guide
30 Guild Ball Quick Start Rules
10 Blue Team Honour Badges
10 Yellow Team Tapper Badges
20 double-sided score cards/event rules
Tower model
Stoker model