GB: Blacksmiths Launch: Master Crafted

Release Date 1/26/2018
Retail Price $30.00
Manufacturer Steamforged Games Ltd.
Category Clearance Items, Miniatures and Miniature Games, Organized Play
UPC 5060453692431
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To celebrate the release of the newest Blacksmith's Guild, this event teaches coaches the benefits of working in a Master and Apprentice partnership. Coaches simply bring their favourite team and play Guild Ball, promoting one of their regular players to be the team Captain (Master) for the day! This gives all coaches a taste for the Blacksmith's exciting new playstyle. Who has the mettle to lead this team? Find out during this one-time forge-to-table event! Prize support included to award participants and sportsmanship.

Blacksmith’s Guild, Master Crafted Arsenal Launch Party Guide
2 Double-sided Posters and Blacksmith’s Launch Party Sign-up Sheets
10 Double-sided Coach Record Sheets and Launch Party Guild Rules
36 Limited-edition Alternate Art Player Cards
20 Launch Party Flyers
20 Invitation Cards