S38: Mega-Block One bundle

Release Date 1/23/2018
Retail Price $219.99
Manufacturer Laser Craft Workshop, LLC
Category Miniature Accessories and Tools
UPC 613072913682
Weight (lb) 8.999

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This bundle deal contains the following; 3x LCW1310 4x4 Blockhouses, 3x LCW1325 8L Blockhouses, 3x LCW1305 8x8 Blockhouses, 2x LCW1315 8x4 Blockhouses, 1 pack of LCW1380 Scaffolding Stairs (2 stairs), 1 pack of LCW1385 Scaffolding Bridges (2 bridges), and 1 pack of LCW1340 2-story Ladders (2 ladders).