Guts & Glory

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Manufacturer Sanguine Press
Category Role Playing Games
UPC 1932592180
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GUTS & GLORY takes you on a gourmet adventure of epic edibles, legendary luncheons, and just desserts. Join a brigade of brave explorers as you ally forth into dark jungles, lost cities, and vast expanses on your quest for gastronomical delights. It’s a fantasy like you’ve never seen before, with strange and fantastic races to play, specialty classes with unique weapons and abilities, and enemies both mundane and bizarre. Powered by the apocalypse, GUTS & GLORY can be played as a traditional role-playing game … or as a co-operative experience, as every player gets to join in the hunt. Sharpen your knives, gird your loins, and show us who is the ruler of Flavortown. Brought to you by the makers of FARFLUNG and MADCAP.