Dad Jokes Face-Off

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Get ready to play the funniest game around! These Dad Jokes are so embarrassingly bad that you will most likely roll your eyes - but, as hard as you try, can you stop yourself from laughing or even cracking a smile?

Two players sit face-to-face and take turns telling a joke. Read a Dad Joke off of the card and do so WITHOUT SMILING OR LAUGHING, while trying to get your opponent to crack. When a player smiles or laughs, their opponent gets a "Made You Laugh" card equaling 1 point. The player with the most points wins the round, and the one with the most rounds wins the game! Continue to Face-Off with other opponents to see who has the best (or worst) sense of humor!

2-12 players
Ages 12+
20-30 minute play time

224 Cards
144 Tokens
Rules Sheet