Judge Dredd: Block War

Release Date 12/12/2018
Retail Price $19.95
Manufacturer Game And A Curry
Category Non Collectible Card Games
UPC 692769233401
Weight (lb) 0.653

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JUDGE DREDD:BLOCK WAR is a 2-player card game based on one of the greatest story arcs in Judge Dredd™ history. Players act as ‘Perps’ in their respective Blocks, when Block War breaks out. Blast the enemy, reinforce your gangs, or just drop a Boing™ on the Justice Department that is trying to stop you.

JUDGE DREDD:BLOCK WAR includes everything you and a “friend” will need to face off against each other… and the Justice Department. With an intuitive and unique set of rules, you’ll be battling it out in no time

2 platers
Ages 12+
15 minute play time