Delta Green: Iconoclasts

Release Date 12/5/2022
Retail Price $44.99
Manufacturer Arc Dream Publishing
Category Role Playing Games
UPC 9781940410432
Weight (lb) 2.43

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THE GLOBAL WAR ON HORROR. “Iconoclasts” is a campaign for the award-winning “Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game.” In three parts, it explores terrors human and inhuman in 2016 Iraq. In Part 1—Iconoclasts, the players temporarily take the roles of ISIL recruits in Mosul. Ordered to find and destroy “blasphemous” artifacts, they stumble across a menace more terrible than even the apocalyptic dreams of Daesh. In Part 2—Operation BONE BOX, the players take the roles of Delta Green agents who must investigate what ISIL’s hapless fighters unveiled. Extensive resources and new rules allow the Handler to develop extended operations and campaigns in the region. In Part 3—The Valley of the Shadow, the Delta Green team must infiltrate enemy-held territory to pursue a power that may threaten all humanity: the blood-soaked Father of War. “Delta Green: Iconoclasts” is written by Delta Green co-creator Adam Scott Glancy and illustrated by Dennis Detwiller.