Dungeonology: Erasmus

Release Date 11/20/2019
Retail Price $34.90
Manufacturer Ludus Magnus Studio
Category Board Games, Clearance Items
UPC 8052282850080
Weight (lb) 0.963

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Erasmus is the first expansion for Dungeonology, increasing your choice of Scholars and expanding the game up to 6 players.

Inside this expansion you will find 4 new scholars each coming from a different part of the world: Habibi the Shaman comes from the Nubian region of Africa. Raoul the Brave comes from Madrid, Spain. Meher the Artist comes from Calcutta, India. And Ichcauipilli, who wears the Tenochtitlán armor, comes from the place we now know as Mexico City.

Inside the box you will find new Scholar cards, 4 wonderful models, their note boards, and all the tokens you need to manage their special abilities.

4 Scholar miniatures
4 Scholar cards
2 Noteboards
8 Randomizer cards
10 Tokens