Drinks & Daggers

Release Date 12/6/2019
Retail Price $39.99
Manufacturer Carmic Industries
Category Non Collectible Card Games
UPC 51497091828
Weight (lb) 2.633

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It isn't easy being the greatest adventurers in the world of Drunkeros, but someone has to keep the peace and prtect the innocent from city-razing red dragons, scheming warlords with armies of loyal 'family', and muscle-building, ham-fasted orcs with a mother complex!

Based on the hit, roleplaying podcast Drunk & Dragons, Drinks & Daggers is a co-operative drinking game where you and your friends must use your unique skill-sets to protect the world from fearsome enemies by taking on the role of Aludra, Harper, Thom, Jaela, and so many more!

2-6 players
Ages 21+
30 minute play time