RQ: Throwdown Prize Kit March 2020

SKU PIP99185
Release Date 3/27/2020
Retail Price $16.25
Manufacturer Privateer Press
Category Clearance Items, Organized Play
UPC PIP99185
Weight (lb) 0.148

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Throwdown is THE format for Riot Quest. Whether you’re looking to host a more traditional tournament style event, or want to run something where players enjoy a handful of games at their own pace for the chance at earning prizes, Throwdown is the OP event you’ll want to run. There is no better way to build and support a growing Riot Quest community than with regular Throwdown events.

This newest version of this prize kit contains enough materials for any number players and includes: (1) Blinged Bamfist miniatures and (4) foil stat cards for use during the event. The contents of this kit update periodically, and this is an update to the previous version of the kit that included the Blinged Gubbin miniatures.