Maximum Apocalypse: Jurassic Perils

Release Date 7/21/2020
Retail Price $12.00
Manufacturer Rock Manor Games
Category Non Collectible Card Games
UPC 752830561595
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The Scientific community made a huge mistake. We were arrogant to think that we could play god and contain mother nature. We didn't just bring back the dinosaurs, we also brought back Jurassic viruses and diseases that decimated our population. Now our world has returned to the Jurassic period. Now our human colonies try to survive the prehistoric perils of these massive carnivores. Maximum Apocalypse: Jurassic Perils adds the Adventurer survivor character and the Jurassic Apocalypse. The Adventurer is high risk adventurer trying to hunt down precious artifacts from our lost civilization. This expansion also introduces a new dino apocalypse deck of 30 cards with new missions and challenging and chaotic stampeding chain reactions.