Welcome to DinoWorld

Release Date 2/27/2020
Retail Price $26.99
Manufacturer Alley Cat Games
Category Board Games
UPC 604565280428
Weight (lb) 1.63

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Welcome to DinoWorld - your own dinosaur park!

You are park managers, reawakening prehistoric wonders in your parks via the innovative genetic cultivation technique known as… roll and write!

Roll dice and use the results to build dinosaur pen and lay pathways - using the power of your mighty pencil! Each game will be different, with new market demands, visitor attractions, and special buildings. Race to entertain your visitors and keep them away from your competitors!

Be careful though! As park managers, you must ensure the safety of your visitors - the dinosaurs in your park may try to break free! Balance the spectacle of your dinosaurs with the security of your park to become the best dinosaur park manager. Earn the right to say, “Welcome To Dinoworld!”

1-75 players
Ages 12+
40-70 minute play time