Surface Primer Complete Range w/Rack

Release Date 5/3/2021
Retail Price $888.59
Manufacturer Acrylicos Vallejo
Category Fixture, Rack, Displays
Weight (lb) 31.95

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Width: 17,44"/44.3cm
Depth: 12.08"/30,7cm
Height: 16.02"/40.7cm

Contains 6 of each:
70400 Modelcolor 400-17ml Plastic Putty
70470 Modelcolor 470-17ml Gloss Medium
70510 Permanent Gloss Varnish 510-17ml
70520 Permanent Matt Varnish 520-17ml
70521 Metal Medium 521-17ml
70522 Permanent Satin Varnish 522-17ml
70523 Modelcolor 523-17ml Liquid Mask
70524 Thinner 524-17ml
70540 Modelcolor 540-17ml Matte Medium
70596 Glaze Medium 596-17ml
70597 Modelcolor 597-17ml Drying Retarder
70598 Crackle Medium 598-17ml
70730 Modelcolor 730-17ml Yellow Fluo
70733 Modelcolor 733-17ml Orange Fluo
70735 Modelcolor 735-17ml Magenta Fluo
70736 Modelcolor 736-17ml Blue Fluo
70737 Modelcolor 737-17ml Green Fluo
70790 Liquid Gold 790-35ml Silver (Alcohol Based)
70791 Liquid Gold 791-35ml Gold (Alcohol Based)
70792 Liquid Gold 792-35ml Old Gold (Alcohol Based)
70793 Liquid Gold 793-35ml Rich Gold (Alcohol Based)
70794 Liquid Gold 794-35ml Red Gold (Alcohol Based)
70795 Liquid Gold 795-35ml Green Gold (Alcohol Based)
70796 Liquid Gold 796-35ml White Gold (Alcohol Based)
70797 Liquid Gold 797-35ml Copper (Alcohol Based)
70800 Modelcolor 800-17ml Gunmetal Blue
70801 Modelcolor 801-17ml Brass
70802 Modelcolor 802-17ml Sunset Red
70803 Modelcolor 803-17ml Brown Rose
70804 Modelcolor 804-17ml Beige Red
70805 Modelcolor 805-17ml German Orange
70806 Modelcolor 806-17ml German Yellow
70807 Modelcolor 807-17ml Oxford Blue
70808 Modelcolor 808-17ml Blue Green
70809 Modelcolor 809-17ml- Royal Blue
70810 Modelcolor 810-17ml Royal Purple
70811 Modelcolor 811-17ml Blue Violet
70812 Modelcolor 812-17ml Violet Red
70814 Modelcolor 814-17ml Burnt Red
70815 Modelcolor 815-17ml Basic Skintone
70816 Modelcolor 816-17ml Luftwaffe Uniform Wwii
70817 Modelcolor 817-17ml Scarlet
70818 Modelcolor 818-17ml Red Leather
70819 Modelcolor 819-17ml Iraqui Sand
70820 Modelcolor 820-17ml Offwhite
70821 Modelcolor 821-17ml German Cam.Beige Wwii
70822 Modelcolor 822-17ml German Cam.Black Brown
70823 Modelcolor 823-17ml Luftwaffe Cam.Green
70824 Modelcolor 824-17ml Ger.Cam.Orange Ochre
70825 Modelcolor 825-17ml German Cam.Pale Brown
70826 Modelcolor 826-17ml German Cam.Med.Brown
70827 Modelcolor 827-17ml Lime Green
70828 Modelcolor 828.17ml Woodgrain
70829 Modelcolor 829-17ml Amaranth Red
70830 Modelcolor 830-17ml German Fieldgrey Wwii
70831 Modelcolor 831-17ml Tan Glaze
70832 Modelcolor 832-17ml Verdigris Glaze
70833 Modelcolor 833-17ml Ger.Cam.Bright Green
70834 Modelcolor 834-17ml Natural Wood
70835 Modelcolor 835-17ml Salmon Rose
70836 Modelcolor 836-17ml London Grey
70837 Modelcolor 837-17ml Pale Sand
70838 Modelcolor 838-17ml- Emerald
70839 Modelcolor 839-17ml Ultramarine
70840 Modelcolor 840-17ml Light Turquoise
70841 Modelcolor 841-17ml Andrea Blue
70842 Modelcolor 842-17ml Gloss White
70843 Modelcolor 843-17ml Cork Brown
70844 Modelcolor 844.17ml Deep Sky Blue
70845 Modelcolor 845-17ml Sunny Skin Tone
70846 Modelcolor 846-17ml Mahogany Brown
70847 Modelcolor 847-17ml Dark Sand
70850 Modelcolor 850-17ml Medium Olive
70851 Modelcolor 851-17ml Bright Orange
70853 Modelcolor 853-17ml White Glaze
70854 Modelcolor 854-17ml Brown Glaze
70855 Modelcolor 855-17ml Black Glaze
70856 Modelcolor 856-17ml Ochre Brown
70857 Modelcolor 857-17ml Golden Olive
70858 Modelcolor 858-17ml Ice Yellow
70859 Modelcolor 859-17ml Black Red
70860 Modelcolor 860-17ml Medium Fleshtone
70861 Modelcolor 861-17ml Glossy Black
70862 Modelcolor 862-17ml Black Grey
70863 Modelcolor 863-17ml Gunmetal Grey
70864 Modelcolor 864-17ml Natural Steel
70865 Modelcolor 865-17ml Oily Steel
70866 Modelcolor 866-17ml Grey Green
70867 Modelcolor 867-17ml Dark Bluegrey
70868 Modelcolor 868-17ml Dark Seagreen
70869 Modelcolor 869-17ml Basalt Grey
70870 Modelcolor 870-17ml Medium Sea Grey
70871 Modelcolor 871-17ml Leather Brown
70872 Modelcolor 872-17ml Chocolate Brown
70873 Modelcolor 873-17ml Us Field Drab
70874 Modelcolor 874-17ml Tan Earth
70875 Modelcolor 875-17ml Beige Brown
70876 Modelcolor 876-17ml Brown Sand
70877 Modelcolor 877-17ml Goldbrown
70878 Modelcolor 878-17ml Old Gold
70879 Modelcolor 879-17ml Green Brown
70880 Modelcolor 880-17ml Khaki Grey
70881 Modelcolor 881-17ml Yellow Green
70882 Modelcolor 882-17ml Middlestone
70883 Modelcolor 883-17ml Silvergrey
70884 Modelcolor 884-17ml Stone Grey
70885 Modelcolor 885-17ml Pastel Green
70886 Modelcolor 886-17ml Green Grey
70887 Modelcolor 887-17ml Us Olive Drab
70888 Modelcolor 888-17ml Olive Grey
70889 Modelcolor 889-17ml Olive Brown
70890 Modelcolor 890-17ml Retractive Green
70891 Modelcolor 891-17ml Intermediate Green
70892 Modelcolor 892-17ml Yellow Olive
70893 Modelcolor 893-17ml Us Dark Green
70894 Modelcolor 894-17ml Cam.Olive Green
70895 Modelcolor 895-17ml Gunship Green
70896 Modelcolor 896-17ml Ger.Cam.Extra Dark Green
70897 Modelcolor 897-17ml Bronze Green
70898 Modelcolor 898-17ml Dark Sea Blue
70899 Modelcolor 899-17ml Dark Prussian Blue
70900 Modelcolor 900-17ml French Mirage Blue
70901 Modelcolor 901-17ml Pastel Blue
70902 Modelcolor 902-17ml Azure
70903 Modelcolor 903-17ml Intermediate Blue
70904 Modelcolor 904-17ml Dark Blue Grey
70905 Modelcolor 905-17ml Blue Grey Pale
70906 Modelcolor 906-17ml Pale Blue
70907 Modelcolor 907-17ml Pale Grey Blue
70908 Modelcolor 908-17ml Carmine Red
70909 Modelcolor 909-17ml Vermillion
70910 Modelcolor 910-17ml Orange Red
70911 Modelcolor 911-17ml Light Orange
70912 Modelcolor 912-17ml Tan Yellow
70913 Modelcolor 913-17ml Yellow Ochre
70914 Modelcolor 914-17ml Green Ochre
70915 Modelcolor 915-17ml Deep Yellow
70916 Modelcolor 916-17ml Sand Yellow
70917 Modelcolor 917-17ml Beige
70918 Modelcolor 918-17ml Ivory
70919 Modelcolor 919-17ml Foundation White
70920 Modelcolor 920-17ml German Uniform
70921 Modelcolor 921-17ml English Uniform
70922 Modelcolor 922-17ml Uniform Green
70923 Modelcolor 923-17ml Japan Uniform Wwii
70924 Modelcolor 924-17ml Russian Uniform Wwii
70925 Modelcolor 925-17ml Blue
70926 Modelcolor 926-17ml Red
70927 Modelcolor 927-17ml Dark Flesh
70928 Modelcolor 928-17ml Light Flesh
70929 Modelcolor 929-17ml Light Brown
70930 Modelcolor 930-17ml Dark Blue
70934 Modelcolor 934-17ml Transparent Red
70935 Modelcolor 935-17ml Transparent Orange
70936 Modelcolor 936-17ml Transparent Green
70937 Modelcolor 937-17ml Transparent Yellow
70938 Modelcolor 938-17ml Transparent Blue
70939 Modelcolor 939-17ml Smoke
70940 Modelcolor 940-17ml Saddle Brown
70941 Modelcolor 941-17ml Burnt Umber
70942 Modelcolor 942-17ml Light Green
70943 Modelcolor 943-17ml Grey Blue
70944 Modelcolor 944-17ml Old Rose
70945 Modelcolor 945-17ml Magenta
70946 Modelcolor 946-17ml Dark Red
70947 Modelcolor 947-17ml Dark Vermillion
70948 Modelcolor 948-17ml Golden Yellow
70949 Modelcolor 949-17ml Light Yellow
70950 Modelcolor 950-17ml Black
70951 Modelcolor 951-17ml White
70952 Modelcolor 952-17ml Lemon Yellow
70953 Modelcolor 953-17ml Flat Yellow
70954 Modelcolor 954-17ml Yellow Green
70955 Modelcolor 955-17ml Flat Flesh
70956 Modelcolor 956-17ml Clear Orange
70957 Modelcolor 957-17ml Flat Red
70958 Modelcolor 958-17ml Pink
70959 Modelcolor 959-17ml Purple
70960 Modelcolor 960-17ml Violet
70961 Modelcolor 961-17ml Sky Blue
70962 Modelcolor 962-17ml Flat Blue
70963 Modelcolor 963-17ml Medium Blue
70964 Modelcolor 964-17ml Field Blue
70965 Modelcolor 965-17ml Prussian Blue
70966 Modelcolor 966-17ml Turquoise
70967 Modelcolor 967-17ml Olive Green
70968 Modelcolor 968-17ml Flat Green
70969 Modelcolor 969-17ml Park Green Flat
70970 Modelcolor 970-17ml Deep Green
70971 Modelcolor 971-17ml Green Grey
70972 Modelcolor 972-17ml Light Green Blue
70973 Modelcolor 973-17ml Light Sea Grey
70974 Modelcolor 974-17ml Green Sky
70975 Modelcolor 975-17ml Military Green
70976 Modelcolor 976-17ml Buff
70977 Modelcolor 977-17ml Desert Yellow
70978 Modelcolor 978-17ml Dark Yellow
70979 Modelcolor 979-17ml German Cam. Dark Green
70980 Modelcolor 980-17ml Black Green
70981 Modelcolor 981-17ml Orange Brown
70982 Modelcolor 982-17ml Cavalry Brown
70983 Modelcolor 983-17ml Flat Earth
70984 Modelcolor 984-17ml Flat Brown
70985 Modelcolor 985-17ml Hull Red
70986 Modelcolor 986-17ml Deck Tan
70987 Modelcolor 987-17ml Medium Grey
70988 Modelcolor 988-17ml Khaki
70989 Modelcolor 989-17ml Sky Grey
70990 Modelcolor 990-17ml Light Grey
70991 Modelcolor 991-17ml Dark Sea Grey
70992 Modelcolor 992-17ml Neutral Grey
70993 Modelcolor 993-17ml White Grey
70994 Modelcolor 994-17ml Dark Grey
70995 Modelcolor 995-17ml German Grey
70996 Modelcolor 996-17ml Gold
70997 Modelcolor 997-17ml Silver
70998 Modelcolor 998-17ml Bronze
70999 Modelcolor 999-17ml Copper
71261 Airbrush Thinner 261-17ml
71262 Airbrush Flow Improver 262-17ml
73212 Decal Medium 212-17ml
73213 Decal Fix 213-17 ml
73214 Chipping Medium 214-17ml