Abandon Ship

Release Date 4/6/2021
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This fascinating title offers a new study of the loss of six British ships during the Falklands War of 1982. Based on new evidence released following freedom of information requests, it will tell the full story of these dramatic events for the first time.

The Falklands War was a pivotal event in 20th century British history, and is within living memory of many. The war came as a surprise to most and was to test the British forces – who were mainly trained for a war with the USSR – to their limits, in very different circumstances to those envisaged during the Cold War era. The emphatic British victory was not without costs or mistakes, but the courageous exploits of the men and ships of the Royal Navy were instrumental in facilitating the amphibious landings which recaptured the islands from the Argentine invaders. The drama of events and the heroism of those involved makes for compelling reading.

Taking advantage of the latest available British and Argentinian sources, including documents recently released following freedom of information requests by the author himself, Dr Paul Brown describes the dramatic events leading up to the loss of six British ships; HMS Antelope, Ardent, Coventry and Sheffield, RFA Sir Galahad and SS Atlantic Conveyor, as well as the controversial sinking of the Argentinian cruiser ARA General Belgrano by HMS Conqueror.

Author: Paul Brown
320 page hardcover