Basic Hobby Tools Range Add-on

Release Date 8/2/2021
Retail Price $1,707.40
Manufacturer Acrylicos Vallejo
Weight (lb) 0

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Basic Hobby Tool range add on rack.

6 T06008 Precision Saw Set (0.24mm)
6 T06009 Mini Saw Blades X4
24 T06010 5 Assorted Blades For Knife No.1
6 T06011 Slim Snap-Off Knife & 10 Blades
6 T06012 Plastic Cutter Scriber Tool & 5 Spare Blades
6 T07007 Flexible Masking Tape 1mm
6 T07008 Flexible Masking Tape 2mm
6 T07009 Flexible Masking Tape 3mm
6 T07010 Flexible Masking Tape 6mm
6 T07011 Flexible Masking Tape 10mm
6 T11002 Plastic Models Preparation Tool Kit
4 T12005 Pick & Place Double Ended Tool
4 T12006 Plastic Tweezers X5
6 T12007 Flat Rounded Stainless Steel Tweezers (120mm)
6 T12008 Straight Tip Stainless Steel Tweezers (175mm)
6 T12009 Curved Tip Stainless Steel Tweezers (175 mm)
12 T13001 Spray Can Trigger Grip
6 T14001 Lightweight Headband Magnifier With 4 Lenses
10 T14002 Lightcraft Foldable Led Magnifier With Inbuilt Stand
6 T15001 Glass Fiber Brush (4mm)
10 T15002 Glass Fiber Brush Refills (4 mm) X3
6 T15003 Steel Rule (150mm)
6 T15004 Mold Line Remover