Thunderscape Tinyd6 Roleplaying Game

Release Date 8/24/2021
Retail Price $24.99
Manufacturer Kyoudai Games
Category Role Playing Games
UPC 2370000841476
Weight (lb) 0.5

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Fifteen years ago, the Age of Thunder ended with the Darkfall, a horrific supernatural cataclysm of unknown origin! For more than a decade, the people of Aden have struggled to survive against the horrible creatures known as Nocturnals, fighting for every resource in a world that barely resembles its former glory! The forces of steel, magic, technology, and the hybrid art of mechamagic are now brought to bear as never before against the enemies of civilization! Join forces with the likes of Radiant Order paladins from Arasteen, brilliant mechamages from Urbana with their powerful golem servitors, master wizards from the ruins of Aramyst, and the prowess of the Steamwright’s Guild and the Thunder Scouts, bringing their technological mastery to the battlefield! Survival is by no means certain, but the heroes of Aden will never surrender! Thunderscape is a complete, self-contained role-playing game utilizing the TinyD6 system published by Gallant Knight Games.