Dawn Under

SKU JAX108779
Release Date 3/1/2021
Retail Price $35.00
Manufacturer Pressman Toy
Category Board Games
UPC 021853087796
Weight (lb) 3.177

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Dawn Under is a frighteningly fun and deadly delightful memory game for the whole family! Pick a grave on the game board, and open the lid to see if its color matches one of your vampires. If it does, you can bury your vampire there. Stay away from nasty rats and smelly garlic as you search for graves! Be the first player to lay all of your vampires to rest to win the game!

2-6 players
Ages 6+

1 Game Board
13 Stakes
144 Tiles (60 Grave Lids, 60 Vampire Tiles, 6 Grave Lids with a Rat, 18 Garlic Tiles)
6 Player Tokens
Complete Instructions