Killer Bunnies: Cake Batter

SKU PLE49116
Release Date 12/2/2021
Retail Price $15.00
Manufacturer Playroom Entertainment
Category Non Collectible Card Games
UPC 803004491160
Weight (lb) 0.538

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The Killer Bunnies chefs have mixed flour, eggs, sugar and radiation to take the cake in this pastry-packed permutation. The Cake Batter Booster Deck adds 55 cards to your existing set and 10 bonus KinderBunnies Carrots!

If bunnies are many, and you need to clear room, combine Atomic Pastry and make them go boom! Cathexis bunnies use their power to persuade, to build armies of bunnies of the same shade. Form the big words for Dr. Shoe by putting lettered Carrots in the right queue!

When having no food gives you frowns, you’ll be relieved to see the Honey Hash Browns. You’ll smile each hour, and never be dour, when you feel the power of the glowing flour! Fluffy, delicious and it won’t make you fatter, if you play the latest deck Cake Batter!