10 Dice

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Release Date 7/29/2021
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Manufacturer Playroom Entertainment
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Everything starts with the roll of a dice. Each round, you roll a total of 10 dice. These dice and the words on them will serve as your inspiration! The goal is to come up with an idea born from the association of the number of words listed on the board. The idea can be whatever you want; an object, a character, a location, a title... there's no limit!

Another great thing is that you can have fun two different ways: by forming two teams for a supercharged competitive mode, or playing all together in a cooperative mode!

Victory comes from ideas and ideas come from 10 dice!

2-8 players
Ages 10+
30 minute play time

24 dice (144 words)
2 pawns
1 double-sided board
1 dice tray
1 rule booklet