CFV: Lyrical Melody BD

Release Date 10/1/2021
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Manufacturer Bushiroad, Inc.
Category Collectible Card Games
UPC 8885009406433
Weight (lb) 0.527

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Introducing the Booster Pack for the featured nation "Lyrical Monasterio"! "Lyrical Monasterio" is an academic city where idols and idol candidates from all over the world have gathered! This product features the school life in "Lyrical Monasterio" with units from a myriad of origins (Mermaids, Angels, Ghosts, Warbeasts, and more).

This booster features cards that can strengthen the Lyrical Trial Deck and includes 5 new Ride Lines! Also featuring 3 types each of Critical, Draw, Front, and Heal Triggers! 5 types of Sentinels with the same ability included as R cards makes it easy to construct decks! And just like "Genesis of the Five Greats" and "A Brush with the Legends", each box will include 1 SP as well! In addition, LSR (Lyrical Secret Rare) cards and Lyrical Special Packs will be included randomly! ※Lyrical Special Pack is a pack that includes 1 piece each of 7 types of LSP (Lyrical Special) cards.