“Big Week” 1944

Release Date 2/15/2022
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A rigorous new analysis of America's legendary “Big Week" air campaign which enabled the Allies to gain air superiority before D-Day.

In the years before the outbreak of World War II, there was a general consensus among military strategists that strategic bombing had the ability to win wars. However, no-one could foresee the devastation that German radar-directed interceptors would inflict on large bomber formations.

With the increasingly urgent need to eliminate these German fighter-aircraft prior to D-Day, a concerted two-phase effort, codenamed “Operation Argument,” was launched by USSAF. Targeting aircraft factories with hundreds of heavy bombers escorted by the new long-range P51 Mustang, the operation, now known as the “Big Week” campaign, was designed to destroy aircraft production on the ground and force the Luftwaffe into combat to defend these vital facilities, allowing the new escort fighters to take their toll on the German interceptors. Packed with specially commissioned artwork and maps, this title is a detailed and fascinating analysis of “Big Week” history’s first ever successful offensive counterair (OCA) campaign.

96 page softcover
Author: Douglas C. Dildy
Illustrator: Graham Turner