Marvel Xavier's Institute: Triptych

Release Date 10/29/2021
Retail Price $16.95
Manufacturer Aconyte
Category Books and Novels
UPC 9781839080845
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Former super-soldier and master thief, Fantomex, stumbles upon one of his clones, Cluster, stealing priceless artifacts from art museums. Outwitted and intrigued, Fantomex decides to beat Cluster at whatever game she’s playing. But something is different about these artifacts: they’ve all been infused with nanotechnology, very similar to the kind that originally created Fantomex. And they aren’t the only ones looking for them… Their other clone, Weapon XIII, is on the hunt too. What begins as cat and mouse fun robbing museums around the world turns into a journey of self-discovery as the trio uncover a far deadlier game.