A Goofy Movie

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Release Date 5/1/2022
Retail Price $23.99
Manufacturer Funko, LLC
Category Board Games
UPC 889698608688
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Global superstar Powerline is back on tour! Join Max and his friends as they hit the road in this adventure-filled race to the concert! Make your way across the map, collecting fun memories for your scrapbook. Then hurry to score the best seats by the time Powerline hits the stage!

Play cards to collect memories and travel to new locations! Roll the die to see if Powerline reaches L.A. or Goofy takes you on a wacky detour! Make the most memories and score the best seats at the concert to win!

2-4 players
Ages 7+
30 minute play time

Game Board
Goofy Mover
Powerline Mover
4 Character Movers
48 Character Cards
50 Scrapbook Cards
4 Reference Cards
6 Bonus Tokens