Left Center Right Jack Pot

SKU SMY6061572
Release Date 3/16/2022
Retail Price $9.99
Manufacturer Spin Master
Category Dice Games
UPC 778988396230
Weight (lb) 0.32

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The Game of Left Center Right is the addictive family dice game that’s fast-paced, fun-to-play, and now even easier to bring along. In this new version, you can hit the jackpot! Roll three dollar signs and you instantly hit the jackpot. Use the bonus die when you’re lucky enough to get it, to steal chips from the center and your opponents. The dice and tokens store inside the portable container – bring it with you and you’ll always be ready to play. Starting with 3 tokens, each player takes turns rolling all 3 dice and then does what the dice say. Roll Left, Center, or Right, and pass a token in that direction. Roll a Dot, and you can keep what you’ve got – 3 Dots is the perfect roll. Out of tokens? You’re not out of the game – the player to your left or right might pass you a token. When one player has all the tokens, they win big! Throw the game in your bag and bring some fun to your next vacation or get-together with family and friends. Fun and suspenseful with every roll.

3+ players
Ages 8+