Classic Wham-O Hacky Sack

Release Date 4/22/2022
Retail Price $5.95
Manufacturer Winning Moves
Category Toys
UPC 714043040021
Weight (lb) 0.143

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Players have been getting a kick out of the Hacky Sack® since the 1970’s.

Now, with the Retro Hacky Sack® in its original 2-panel design, you can experience it in the same way!

The basic rule of Hacky Sack® is to keep it aloft as long as possible. Use your feet, knees, chest, or head to keep your Hacky Sack® moving and from hitting the ground. But, no hands! Hands and arms are off limits!

Hacky Sack® is a great way to improve your motor control, coordination, strength and balance. Use your Hacky Sack® to play games or train for sports, especially soccer. Get a kick out of Retro Hacky Sack® today!