JW: Mini Dinosaur Discovery Ast (12)

Release Date 4/17/2022
Retail Price $8.49
Manufacturer Mattel, Inc.
Category Toys
UPC 00194735080526
Weight (lb) 4.045

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​Future scientists and archeologists, get ready for thrilling scientific adventure and surprise with these Dinosaur Discovery Packs inspired by Jurassic World: Dominion! What dinosaurs will be dug up? Each box comes filled with clay-like play sand and a buried dinosaur (or 2 smaller dinos). Every dig-scovery requires tools, and this pack comes with a shovel at the ready. It's shaped like a real excavator's tool; kids provide the imagination and energy to dig up the dinosaurs. Will they uncover a Stegosaurus or a Velociraptor? Start the excavation and find out! Then rebury the figures and discover them all over again! The box is designed with a fitted lid and intricate fossilized stone look to store the dinosaur and the kinetic sand, too! They'll dig it! Kids will want to collect all the boxes to increases their scientific discoveries and fun.

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