Sorry Dice Game (4)

Release Date 2/16/2022
Retail Price $11.99
Manufacturer Hasbro
Category Dice Games
UPC 00195166149523
Weight (lb) 2.96

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Ready, Set, Roll! It's a different way to play the Sorry! game. In this edition of the game, individual player bases replace the gameboard, and players roll the dice to sweet revenge -- and win! The game includes 3 dice that determine a player's luck as they try to get a complete color set of pawns to their Home wedge to win. Sorry! Diced is a compact and portable game making it a great game for travel and for on-the-go play. It's easy to learn, and if your kids are looking for a quick game, it can be played in under 20 minutes.

2-4 Players
Ages 6+

Game Case
Start base
4 Home bases
16 Pawns
3 Dice
Dice labels
Game rules

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