CFV: Lyrical Monasterio: BD

Release Date 5/6/2022
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Manufacturer Bushiroad, Inc.
Category Collectible Card Games
UPC 8885009406792
Weight (lb) 0.528

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The academic city of "Lyrical Monasterio" where the idols reside enters a New School Term! 2 new idols take the stage, bringing more color to the world of Lyrical Monasterio! The 6 existing Ride Lines get powered up too! Also featuring triggers with effects that will be essential for your decks!

The 2 new idols "MiMish, Fortia" and "Coming Beauty, Erminia" take the stage! 2 new decks can be constructed from Lyrical Booster 02! LSR (Alternate Illustration Version) featured too!

80 types of cards
(RRR: 11 / RR: 15 / R: 19 / C: 35)
+ Parallels: 92 types (LSR: 6 + SP: 35 + H: 51)
2 cards in every pack will definitely be R or above cards!!
Each display will definitely contain 1 SP card!

7 cards per pack
16 packs per display