Gund: Tinkle Crinkle Rattle PlushAst(16)

SKU SMY6056388
Release Date 4/22/2022
Retail Price $9.00
Manufacturer Spin Master
Category Plush
UPC 10778988481377
Weight (lb) 1.808

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Tinkle Crinkle is a fresh, energetic collection of plush baby toys with contemporary prints on premium fabrics that promote soft, safe, and fun tactile play for all ages. The plush 5.5-inch Tinkle Crinkle Stick Rattles are the perfect size and shape for little hands to grip and shake and feature fun, colorful patterns on Birdie, Bunny, and Caterpillar options. Ribbons, soft rattles inside, and embroidered details promote safe, tactile play for all ages. Rattles are machine washable for easy cleaning.