OverDrive: Rival Pack: Bug vs Big Mech

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Manufacturer Mantic Entertainment Ltd.
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Big Mech was found rusting in a warehouse at DGB headquarters, following years on the sidelines of the DreadBall circuit. After giving it a fresh lick of paint and an improved (more violent) artificial intelligence chip, Big Mech has become a regular and destructive sight in OverDrive.

Although it resembles the bug like Z'zor Exo botanists are unsure whether The Bug is related to the Z'zor or something entirely different. How it came to play OverDrive is unclear, but it has quickly become a crowd favourite. Although its ability to seemingly shed its skin at will, regularly frustrates opponents, as does its seemingly unpredictable bursts of speed.

1 Resin The Bug
1 PVC Big Mech
2 Acrylic Overdrive Bases
2 Player Cards (Big Mech, The Bug)